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    How to Recycle Stainless Steel Scrap

    Stainless steel is found in many household and business items, from kitchenware to industrial equipment. While durable, these items eventually wear out or become obsolete. Rather than throwing old stainless steel in the trash, recycling it can provide extra income. With proper preparation, your stainless steel scraps can fetch top dollar at metal recycling facilities like our convenient location in Dallas, Texas.


    At Action Metals Recyclers, we pride ourselves on helping our customers make the most of their scraps! If you have some steel you need to unload, here’s a look at how you can get the most cash for your recycling efforts.

    What Stainless Steel Items Are Best to Recycle?

    Not all stainless steel is created equal when it comes to recycling profitability. Here are some of the most valuable stainless steel items to save for recycling:

    Recycle Kitchenware

    Pots, pans, utensils, and appliances made of stainless steel are common. While you may be tempted to donate used cookware, you’ll earn more by recycling it. 

    Recycle Industrial Equipment

    Scrap metal from tanks, valves, pipes, and tools used in manufacturing yields higher profits than consumer items. Machining shops and factories generate lots of profitable stainless steel debris.

    Recycle Automotive Parts

    Stainless steel is used for many auto parts like exhaust components and trim pieces. These items bring decent scrap prices.  

    Recycle Medical Instruments

    Surgical tools, knee/hip implants, and other medical items contain recyclable stainless steel. Hospitals and clinics deal with substantial amounts of these materials that are perfect for recycling over collecting dust in hospital storage.

    Recycle Construction Materials

    Scrap metal buyers prize stainless steel mesh, beams, siding, and hardware. Construction and demolition sites are the go-to sources for these precious scrap metals.


    Save any stainless steel items that are worn out, obsolete, or no longer needed. The key is properly preparing them for recycling, which we’ll cover next.

    How to Prep Stainless Steel Scrap for Maximum Value 

    To earn top dollar for your steel scrap, it must be cleaned and securely bundled or containerized. Here are some tips that can help you walk away from our facility with a full wallet.


    Remove any non-metal parts from the steel. Plastics, rubber gaskets, coatings/paints, and bonded metals decrease the value of stainless steel scrap. Take the time to separate any non-metal pieces.


    Aside from removing non-metal parts, you must ensure your metals are clean! All grease, oil, food residues, dirt, and grime should be removed from the metal. Solvents or degreasers can assist with cleaning. The cleaner your scraps are, the easier they are to sort, and the more accurate our rates can be when you sell to us.


    Bundle your metals securely. It’s an extra prep step, but a couple of straps or wire ties to keep scrap pieces bundled together keep loose scraps from becoming a hassle and safety issue.


    Proper prep takes some time upfront but maximizes your profits. Before you bring your scraps to us, feel free to call us and find out more about our specific preparation recommendations for the scraps you have. We’re always here to guide getting your stainless steel scrap recycling ready.  

    Why Choose Action Metals Recyclers for Steel Recycling?

    With 30 years of experience and centrally located in Dallas, TX, Action Metals Recyclers is an ideal solution for stainless steel scrap recycling. 


    We offer the most competitive stainless steel scrap prices in Dallas. When you hand over your stainless steel scraps to us, you’ll earn maximum value for your recycled materials.


    Our full-service recycling facility handles all types of metal, making stainless steel recycling fast and easy. You can bring all your scrap metal to one place.


    We are the recycling experts and pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to create a smooth, efficient recycling experience. 


    With a location in central Dallas off I-45 at Botham Jean Blvd., Action Metals is easy to access for businesses and homeowners in the city.


    Call or visit our Dallas recycling center today to make the absolute most of your recycling efforts.

    Why Recycle Your Stainless Steel?

    Beyond extra income, recycling stainless steel scrap provides environmental benefits.

    Recycling helps save the planet! Recycling reduces the need for mining nickel, chromium, and iron to make new stainless steel. Remelting recycled steel consumes substantially less energy than producing virgin steel.

    Recycling stainless steel significantly lowers CO2 emissions from steel manufacturing while keeping bulky, non-biodegradable metal scraps out of landfills. 

    Make Fast Cash Off Steel Scraps Today

    By taking a few easy steps to prep and recycle your stainless steel items, you can earn extra money while keeping scrap metal out of landfills. 

    Your efforts support your community, the environment, and your finances. Contact Action Metals Recyclers today to learn more about our scrap metal recycling services. What stainless steel scrap items do you have that are ready for recycling?

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    How to Tidy Up and Cash In With a Scrap Metal Audit

    As a business owner, you likely have excess or obsolete scrap metal piling up around your facilities. Old equipment, spent tooling, leftover materials from jobs – it all adds up over time. 


    While it may seem easier to let the scrap metal accumulate, a regular scrap metal audit can help you reclaim valuable space and make some extra cash. Here’s how to conduct your scrap metal audit and partner with a reputable Dallas recycling team like Action Metals Recyclers to turn your junk into cash.

    What is Scrap Metal Recycling?

    Scrap metal recycling is the process of collecting leftover metal materials and scraps and selling them to recycling facilities. Once we have your scraps in hand, we process the metals to extract their raw material components. The extracted materials are then used to manufacture new metal products.


    Common scrap metals that we accept include the following:


    • Ferrous metals like steel and iron
    • Non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel
    • Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum 


    While the environment and economy truly benefit from scrap metal recycling, it’s also a great way for businesses and community members to make quick money. At Action Metals Recyclers, we offer the highest prices in Dallas for a variety of scrap metals.

    How to Conduct a Scrap Metal Audit

    A scrap metal audit involves surveying your facilities to locate, identify, and quantify all unused or excess scrap metal. Here are some tips for conducting your audit:


    1. Assign a Team

    Get employees from different departments like facilities management, operations, and accounting to collaborate. Their varied perspectives will help locate scrap metal that could easily go undetected if one person who only oversees a single department manages an entire scrap metal audit.


    2. Create a Tracking Sheet

    Design a document to record each scrap metal type, estimated weight, and location onsite. This will help you estimate values and make unloading scraps at our Dallas facility a smooth, more financially fulfilling process.

    3. Walk Through All Facilities

    Inspect inside and outside areas like warehouses, storage yards, rooftops, and parking lots. Document any metal materials.

    4. Categorize Findings

    Separate ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and precious metals. Note any contaminated metals or hazardous materials requiring special handling.

    5. Prioritize Removal

    Determine which metals are the fastest and most profitable to remove first. Create a scrap metal removal plan and timeline.

    6. Research Dallas, TX, Metal Recyclers

    Find reputable metal recycling companies known for fair pricing and reliable service, like Action Metals Recyclers. 

    7. Plan Safe Removal

    Ensure you can safely detach and transport materials for pickup or drop-off. At Action Metals, we prioritize simple drop-off and pick-up. We can even schedule on-site removal if you cannot make it to our recycling facility.


    We’re proud to go the extra mile with our public recycling services.

    Turn Clutter into Cash With Action Metals Recyclers

    Letting scrap metal waste accumulate takes up valuable space while letting potential cash go to waste. Regularly auditing and recycling scrap metal can improve your facilities, safety, and bottom line. 


    Partnering with a premium metal recycling company like Action Metals Recyclers streamlines the process so you can tidy up and cash in fast! 


    When was the last time you conducted a scrap metal audit? The new year is a perfect time to commit to regular audits and maximize your scrap metal recycling.


    What hidden treasure could be waiting in your scrap piles? Schedule your next audit and find out!


    Contact us today to make cash off your scraps!

  3. Scrap Metal Prepped for the Holiday Season

    The Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal During the Holidays

    The holiday season is a time of gift-giving, celebrations, and often excess. With so much consumption happening in a short period of time, the holidays, unfortunately, also produce a lot of waste. 


    Action Metals Recycling in Dallas, Texas, is already looking ahead at how we can be more environmentally conscious during this season through scrap metal recycling. 


    This holiday season, let go of some of the scrappy clutter that tends to occur when you receive new gifts or buy that new microwave on sale/


    Here’s a closer look at how our Dallas scrap metal recycling facility can keep landfills clear while putting money in your pocket this holiday season.

    Reducing Holiday Waste

    The holidays spur mass consumption – from gift wrapping and packaging to disposable servingware for parties. This wastefulness contributes to overflowing landfills. 


    According to the EPA, household waste increases by more than 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, generating around 1 million extra tons of waste throughout the season.


    Recycling scrap metal is an easy way to reduce holiday waste. Items like empty aluminum cans and steel food tins can be recycled rather than thrown in the trash. Even small efforts by individuals add up, diverting significant waste from landfills. Collectively recycling scrap metal around the holidays makes a measurable environmental impact. 

    Supporting Local Economies 

    Recycling scrap metal also benefits local communities. Recycling scrap metal provides jobs and revenues for people in Dallas at one of the most stressful times of the year. 


    Whether you’re recycling aluminum kitchenware or copper, our merry team members are eager to help you unload, weigh, and prepare your scraps for recycling.


    When we choose to recycle locally, we support employment opportunities that uplift our neighbors. Diverting scrap for recycling keeps money circulating close to home.

    Earning Extra Holiday Cash

    Recycling scrap around the holidays allows individuals and families to earn a little extra money. Holiday expenses can strain budgets, so bringing scrap metal to recycling centers provides supplementary income.


    Aluminum cans may only yield a few cents per pound, but heavier steel often earns around 25 cents a pound or more.


    Scavenging for recyclables around the house, saving cans from holiday events, or cleaning out storage areas can yield hundreds of dollars for redemption. Extra holiday cash then allows for more spending on gifts, food, or other needs.


    The best part is, when you recycle with our scrap metal recycling facility, we guarantee top dollar for all of the scraps we accept. We pay the highest rates in Dallas and are ready ti live up to our reputation.

    Give a Gift to the Environment: Conserve Natural Resources

    Above all, recycling scrap metal significantly conserves natural resources and energy. Extracting and refining metal from raw ore is enormously energy-intensive. Making products from recycled scrap is much more efficient. 


    During the resource-intensive holidays, recycling reduces the demand for extracting and refining raw materials for future products. Scrap metal recycling protects the planet and helps us tread more lightly during the indulgent holiday season.

    How To Recycle Scrap Metal During the Holidays

    Now that we’ve explored the major benefits of our cause, here are some tips and strategies for recycling scrap metal during the holidays:

    Gather Items Around Your Home

    First, scan your home for recyclable items as you decorate and prepare for holiday gatherings. Collect empty steel food cans and trays from cooking, aluminum pie tins from baking, or old metal cookware and utensils. 


    Check garages and storage areas for scraps left over from home projects. Clean up by recycling barbecue grill grates, shelving brackets, metal pipes, and hardware scraps. Anything made from aluminum, copper, steel, iron, or other metals can earn money as scrap at our secure Dallas recycling center.


    Donate Used Appliances & Scrap Vehicles

    Look for larger metal items around the home that can be recycled. Replace an outdated appliance and donate the old one to a metal recycling program. Not only are you clearing up space in your home, but you’re making money for future purchases in the season.


    Scrap vehicles, like an old car, motorcycle, or lawnmower that no longer runs, can be recycled too. 


    For bigger scrap pieces, call us today to arrange a free pick-up. Remember scrapping an unused vehicle earns cash while keeping bulky metal waste out of landfills.

    Celebrate a Greener Season With Action Metals Recyclers

    The holiday season encourages consumption, but you can balance indulgence with mindfulness through scrap metal recycling. 


    Making scrap metal recycling part of your holiday routine benefits the environment, your communities, and your own budget. The season is upon us, and it’s time to start planning now.


    Contact Action Metals Recyclers today to learn more about our services and schedule a secure drop-off or pick-up.


    We’re ready to help you have a joyful holiday season!

  4. Art Made From Scrap Metal

    Scrap Metal Architecture: Unique Buildings Made From Recycled Materials

    Metal is one of the most versatile and durable building materials, and architects around the world have come up with innovative ways to construct buildings out of recycled scraps and discarded metal objects. 


    From small decorative sheds made from license plates to homes and public buildings constructed entirely from junkyard finds, scrap metal architecture provides sustainable and visually striking design. 


    At Action Metals Recyclers, we love to see scrap metal like steel and copper get out to beneficial use. Many people know recycled metals go into construction, but legitimate scrap architecture is rarely highlighted. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest buildings made primarily from recycled metal. These creative structures showcase how discarded materials can be transformed into functional works of art.

    License Plate Sheds and Studios

    Some of the simplest scrap metal buildings are miniature backyard sheds constructed mainly from old license plates. 


    Typically built on a basic metal frame, the plates are overlapped in rows and riveted or screwed into place to form the walls and roof. The reflective plates create a shine that changes with the light. Artists have used license plate sheds as quirky studios or just as decorative focal points in gardens.

    Aluminum Can Houses

    One of the most famous scrap metal homes is the Earthship House in New Mexico, which was built in the 1970s entirely from aluminum beer and soda cans. The cans were flattened and used like siding to construct the walls and roof of the structure. 


    The house was surprisingly durable and energy efficient, taking advantage of aluminum’s strength and reflectivity. The iconic recycled can house demonstrated the versatility of discarded aluminum.

    Scrap Metal Castles and Forts


    Welding together various discarded metals can allow artists and builders to create fantasy structures straight out of fairytales. A great example is Robert Bruno’s Steel House in Ransom Canyon, Texas, which is a scrap metal castle crafted from junked steel, car parts, and other metal pieces. 


    The metallic mansion features intricate detail work that includes multiple stained glass pieces that add to its beauty.

    Scrap Metal Skyscraper Skin

    Architects can also utilize recycled metals as eye-catching exterior cladding on tall buildings. 


    Did you know that since as early as the mid-1990s, most American scrap metal made its way to China and other countries eager to build downtown infrastructures?


    You may not realize it, but those forks and tools you dropped off at our Dallas recycling center likely made their way across the sea to build up unique city structures in areas like Shanghai.

    Scrap Metal Wildlife Sculptures

    In open green spaces, discarded metals can be crafted into monumental sculptures of animals and organisms. At Burnside Gorge Community Garden in Victoria, Canada, guests can find towering flower sculptures built from recycled brake discs and other metal car parts.


    We love to see how artists showcase the potential for socio-environmental messaging through scrap metal art.


    Another great example can be found in Wisconsin. Jurustic Park is an outdoor museum and sculpture garden that features prehistoric-themed sculptures made from cans, bicycle parts, tools, and more! 

    Build Toward the Future with Action Metals Recyclers

    The innovative buildings and artworks highlighted here reveal the wondrous possibilities of scrap metal architecture. Discarded materials offer sustainable, affordable, and visually dynamic design options. 


    So when you see a piece of scrap metal, consider the potential for it to be reimagined as a castle, concert venue, or decorative sculpture. 


    Make sure the next time you recycle an abundance of soda cans or household appliances, you make their value go further with Action Metals Recyclers.


    Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll help yourself in the process. After all, we offer the highest prices for scraps in Dallas.

    Contact us to schedule your next drop-off.

  5. ai recycling

    Exploring the Future of Scrap Metal Recycling

    With the rise of AI across several industries, we’ve begun to look toward the future of scrap metal recycling and how our industry could change over the years.


    Scrap metal recycling has been an economic and environmental staple for decades. As the world changes and the demand for more recycled materials rises, our industry must adjust. The metal recycling industry is expected to reach a global valuation of $70.5 billion in 2024!


    Let’s look closer at the future of scrapping and the advancements we see coming down the line.

    New Technological Developments in Scrap Metal Recycling


    Technology helps us all get ahead in life, and we also use it to advance our practices as Dallas’s highest-paying scrap metal facility.


    We even use AI to help process materials faster and more efficiently than we ever could before!


    Automated sorting systems have revolutionized the industry, letting us sort metals with greater accuracy and speed. These systems use sensors to detect the type of metal and then separate it from other materials. 


    This not only speeds up the process but improves the accuracy of our pricing and ensures you get the biggest bang for your buck when you recycle with us!


    We also use AI technology to monitor the performance of machines, like our industry-standard scales and radioactive detection equipment.


    As AI points out minor issues with equipment, we can get to work fixing them and reducing downtime while improving efficiency. 


    We know these advancements are just the beginning, and we look forward to welcoming further benefits from newer AI technologies.

    The Rise of Circular Economies


    Another significant development in the industry is the growing trend towards circular economies. Circular economies are designed to reduce waste by keeping materials in use for as long as possible. Circular economies follow four main concepts: recycling, reuse, remanufacturing, and durability.

    This approach is becoming increasingly popular as more companies recognize the value of recycling and its environmental benefits. In a circular economy, scrap metal is reused or repurposed rather than sent to landfill sites. This not only reduces waste but also helps to conserve natural resources.


    As many businesses make the right moves to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize how their actions impact the environment, the circular economy model becomes increasingly popular and can easily bleed into our next topic of social drive for reducing natural resource waste and demanding more recycled products.

    Even More Social Movement for Recycling

    Sustainable products like electric vehicles are all the rage and are one of the most significant social factors that will lead to the projected growth in our industry. As consumers continue to be more conscious of the impact the products they buy have on the market, companies are watching. They will begin to use recycled materials, like scrap metal, to attract environmentally conscious consumers.


    Sure, it can be seen as a flavor of the week kind of play, but trust us, Mother Earth will thank everyone involved!

    Grow with Action Metals Recyclers Today!

    We believe the future of scrap metal recycling looks bright. Still, the reality is, this can only be achieved as people continuously use scrap metal facilities to meet their sustainability demand.


    At Action Metals Recyclers, we acknowledge that recycling and sustainability are critical for the environment and our economic future.


    Help us work toward a better tomorrow and schedule your next scrap metal drop-off or pick-up today!


    Contact us to learn more about our services.


  6. How to Prep Your Appliances for Scrap Metal Recycling

    Stoves, washing machines, and dishwashers are household staple electronics with a daunting shelf life. When the time comes to trash or replace these items, many people leave them on the curb during a local waste reclamation week.


    While this is a legal act of getting rid of such large appliances, curb pick-ups ultimately leave you unfulfilled, lead to e-waste spreading, and prevent you from gaining potential cash.


    Scrapping miscellaneous items like large household appliances can be a great way to earn extra cash while contributing to the environment. However, before you take your old appliances to the scrap yard, it’s important to prepare them for recycling properly. 


    Here’s how to prep appliances before bringing them into Action Metals Recyclers for scrap metal recycling.

    Disconnect All Power Sources

    Prepping your appliances for recycling can mean getting up close and personal with the internal workings of your equipment. Before digging into any electronics, it’s important to disconnect all power sources to prevent a sometimes deadly jolt or another unfortunate mishap. 


    Unplugging appliances and shutting off gas and water are critical steps that ensure your safety and prevent any accidents or injuries during the prepping process.

    Remove Any Non-Metal Parts

    Once you’ve disconnected all power sources, you can remove non-metal parts from your appliances. This includes things like plastic knobs, handles, and doors. 


    Some scrap yards in Dallas may not accept appliances with non-metal parts attached, so removing them beforehand saves a lot of stress and time in the long run. 

    What Metals Can You Expect From Appliances?


    Appliances like stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers are often made with a significant amount of steel. The current steel price is between $0.03 and $0.05 per pound. Most larger household appliances have significant heft, much of which comes from their steel components.


    Dishwashers and refrigerators often contain aluminum parts like frames, handles, or other decorative features. Once again, these frames can be heavy, so you’d be wise to take advantage of the current selling price which is a little over $1 per pound.


    Copper wiring, motors, or tubing are common in electronic appliances. Copper is highly valued in the scrap metal market for its electrical conductivity, making it a sought-after metal for recycling. Coming in at a current selling price of $3.84 per pound, it’s clear that leaving your appliances at the curb is literally leaving money on the side of the road.


    Appliances like faucets, valves, and connectors may contain brass, a metal alloy made of copper and zinc. Brass is highly malleable and resistant to corrosion. Brass typically averages at around $2.00 per pound!

    Drain the Remaining Water From Your Appliance

    Dishwashers and washing machines can malfunction and hold water within the devices even when not used. If you’re recycling a washing machine or dishwasher, it’s important to drain any remaining water before taking it to the scrap yard. 


    This prevents any water from leaking during transportation and also helps with the recycling process. 


    You can drain water by running a cycle on the appliance without any clothes or dishes, or by manually emptying any water that may be left in the appliance with a bucket, towel drying methods, or a shop vac that can safely suck up excess fluids.

    Time to Cut the Cord!

    Once you’ve removed all non-metal parts and drained any remaining water, it’s time to cut the power cord. Your power and extension cords contain valuable copper that can add to the cash you take home. Use a sharp blade to strip the sheathing from the cord if possible. Many scrap yards will pay less for power cords that aren’t stripped.


    Aside from saving time, cutting and stripping your cords will make it easier for us to sort the cords and recycle their copper separately.

    Load and Sell Your Scrap Metal

    You’ve prepped your appliances, and it’s time to load them into your vehicle and take them to the scrap yard. It’s important to secure the appliances properly during transportation to prevent any accidents or injuries. 


    Tie-down straps or bungee cords are great for securing your appliances in place.


    Once you arrive at our secure scrap metal recycling facility, we’ll help unload, weigh your appliances, and sell your sorted scrap metal. 


    We pay the highest prices in Dallas for your scraps. So, be sure to bring a valid ID to complete your transaction.

    Make the Most of Your Old Appliances With Action Metals Recyclers

    Prepping appliances for scrap metal recycling is an easy step that can help maximize your cash earnings at a scrap metal recycling facility. 

    If you’re ready to unload some of your old dishwashers or stoves, Action Metals Recyclers is here to help! Contact us today to schedule your next drop-off or pick-up!

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    The New Technologies Changing the Scrap Metal Industry

    Scrap metal collection and sales have been around for decades, but advancements in technology are changing the way the industry operates. From new ways of collecting scrap metal to innovative selling methods, these technologies are revolutionizing the scrap metal industry. Read on for some of the innovations changing how we collect and sell scrap metal.

    Onsite Waste Measures

    “Smart” bins and containers for collecting scrap metal are equipped with sensors that can detect when they are full and need to be emptied. This means more efficient and timely collection, reducing costs and hassle and increasing profits. 

    On construction sites, smart collection of scrap can take the form of new recycling and reclamation training for workers, automatic segregation or recycling of waste, and even onsite recycling. An onsite recycling center could crush concrete and brick waste to use as backfill or aggregate or shred wood waste to create mulch or biomass fuel.

    Mobile Scrap Metal Processing

    Mobile scrap processing is another innovation changing how scrap metal is collected and sold. Mobile processors can be brought directly to the site where the scrap metal is located, allowing for quicker processing and more efficient collection. This technology is particularly useful for remote areas where it might be hard to transport scrap metal to a processing facility.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence is being used to optimize the scrap metal collection and sales process. By analyzing data on past sales, AI can help scrap metal dealers determine the best time to sell their materials and at what price and identify trends in the market, allowing for more strategic decision-making. Logistics headaches are a major focus of the newest in AI tech, as the most efficient ways of collecting and dealing with scrap are revealed.

    The Blockchain

    Blockchain technology is increasingly used in the scrap metal industry to provide a secure and transparent method of tracking the supply chain. What does this mean? In a nutshell, it’s just creating a digital ledger that records every transaction, all the way from the collection of scrap metal through to its sale. This means it helps prevent fraud and ensures all parties involved throughout the process are paid fairly.

    3D Printing

    3D printing can create new products from scrap metal. Melting down and reusing scrap metal with 3D printers means creating new parts and products that can then be sold for greater profit. This is particularly useful for creating custom parts that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

    Grow Your Business with Action Metals

    There you have it: some of the new technologies that are changing the way we collect and sell scrap metal. From smart bins and mobile processors to AI and blockchain, these innovations are making the industry as a whole more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. Plus, as demand for scrap metal continues to grow, we can expect even more advancements in years to come. Even things we can’t yet imagine!

    The team at Action Metals is always finding ways to improve our facility and processes to better serve our customers and community. Trust us to help you with onsite cleanup, metals identification, scrap pickup services, and accurate weight assessments. Contact us today!


  8. Aluminum cans at a scrap meta recycling facility

    Home Tips for Making the Most of Your Aluminum Cans

    Canned goods are a staple in nearly every household pantry. Yet, most people don’t realize that their used aluminum and tin containers can expand their income through a home-implemented recycling effort.

    Recycling metals at home is so much more than dropping off your cans In the recycling bin. If you’re ready to benefit from your canned goods directly, take a closer look at our tips for prepping your old cans for a top-dollar sale at a scrap metal recycling facility!

    Research Local Recycling Programs

    Recycling tin cans is a great way to make extra money while helping the environment. Before you can start cashing in on your used containers, however, it’s important to research local recycling programs. 

    Different areas have different rules and regulations for selling scrap metal, so it’s best to be informed before you get started. By researching local recycling programs, like public services offered from Action Metals Recyclers, you can learn which facilities accept what types of metals and how much they pay for them.

    With this information in hand, you’ll be able to maximize your earnings from recycled cans!

    Sort and Clean Your Cans

    Before you can start cashing in on your recycled cans, sorting and cleaning them is important. Sorting the different types of metals helps ensure that you get the most money for your scrap metal when you take it to a recycling facility. 

    Any residue like dirt or food scraps can impact the worth of your cans at a recycling facility. In order to prevent disappointment, it’s best practice to rinse out all containers before taking them in, as this will help maintain their value and ensure that they don’t contaminate other materials you’re recycling. 

    With proper sorting and cleaning, you’ll be able to maximize your earnings from recycled cans!

    Remove Any Labels or Tape from Your Cans

    Before recycling your tin cans, removing any labels or tape from them is important. This is because the presence of these materials can reduce the value of recycled cans at a scrap metal recycling facility. 

    Labels and tape contain adhesives that can contaminate other metals being recycled, which lowers their overall worth. 

    Additionally, some facilities won’t accept cans with labels on them as they may need proper sorting to identify what type of metal it is. By removing all labels and tape before taking your cans in for recycling, you’ll help ensure that you can make the most possible money from your recycled cans.

    Crush or Flatten Your Cans

    Crushing your cans before recycling is a great way to save space when transporting them. Not only does this make it easier to transport more materials in fewer trips, but it also increases their value at the scrap metal recycling facility. Crushing cans into smaller pieces reduces the volume of your scraps, making sorting metals much simpler for recyclers. 

    Make Your Aluminum Cans a Profit With Action Metals Recycling

    If you’re ready to make your piles of aluminum cans worth saving, the Action Metals Recycling team can help you profit from your scraps.

    Contact us today to schedule a drop-off and learn more about how we can help you make money from your leftover aluminum cans.

    We’re ready to make recycling worth your while.

  9. Female doing scrap metal recycling at a scrap metal yard in Dallas TX

    7 Ways to Make Sure You Get Top Dollar for Your Scrap Metals

    Metal scrapping is a fun hobby that can be quite lucrative when you put your energy and know-how into it. Collecting scrap metal and selling it to a local scrapyard is environmentally friendly, too. 

    Here are seven of the best ways to make sure you get the most money for scrap metal.

    1. Know Your Metals

    There are two types of metals you’ll be collecting: Ferrous and non-ferrous, a distinction simply about whether or not the metal in question contains iron. You can detect ferrous metals with a magnet or, unfortunately, by oxidation and rust that may occur in the wrong circumstances. But even rusted metal is often still worth something.

    2. Store Scrap Correctly

    Keeping ferrous materials away from moisture and water is a great first step to eliminating the threat of rust on your steel and other ferrous scrap. Keeping your scrap away from fire and chemicals can be difficult on a construction site, but it’s also worth keeping in mind if you’ll be scrapping any of your debris.

    Our suggestion is to create a separate, covered holding area for your scrap and schedule regular visits to your local scrap metal facility.

    3. Be Smart and Safe When Moving Your Metal

    Sharp edges are just one concern, but they can be damaging or even dangerous if you’re not careful. Some health risks associated with transporting scrap metal can include:

    • Cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and bruises
    • Tetanus
    • Blood poisoning
    • Animal inhabitants

    Be aware also that an open-bed truck is preferred for drop-offs since they can use magnetized cranes to collect the scrap from you. For a car or other closed vehicle, unloading becomes your responsibility. This is to protect your vehicle.

    4. Research Metal Prices

    Metal is a volatile market, and prices per ton change frequently. A more reputable scrapyard may publish its current price list, but be aware that prices are subject to change. For the most current prices, visit a site that publishes them regularly, like Price of Scrap Metals.

    If you are limited in your storage or transportation capabilities, it’s worth noting that non-ferrous materials are worth more by weight, which you can see at that link: Aluminum and copper, for example, should take precedence over steel, along with any alloys, like brass.

    5. Find a Licensed & Insured Scrapyard

    Look for a scrapyard with a good reputation, the best prices, and that’s environmentally responsible. Don’t be afraid to call around. Just remember that you’re looking for a long-term relationship, so you should put some thought into the scrapyard you choose. 

    Action Metals has the best prices in the area and we’re devoted to making sure everything we do is safe, smart, and environmentally relevant.

    6. Collect Your Documentation

    There are several requirements for getting paid.

    • Valid ID: A driver’s license, state ID, or military ID will work.
    • A valid license plate on the vehicle you use to bring the scrap to the yard
    • A real mailing and permanent address
    • Proof of ownership of the materials

    If the scrap you picked up was abandoned, you won’t exactly have a receipt. That’s fine, as the scrapyard will have you sign a document attesting to that fact instead.

    7. Clean & Sort Your Scrap

    Your secret sauce for getting the best prices and most solid hauls should be sorting and cleaning up your scrap before you drop it off or bring it to the yard. Plastic parts and garbage take up space that you could be filling with more lucrative metal. If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right!

    Likewise, sorting your metals is an essential activity for the professional scrapper. Say you bring a load that contains copper, but is mostly steel: you may get paid for that tonnage at the steel price, which is lower. It’s worth the time and effort it takes to sort and clean your metals, in the long run. 

    Action Metals Recycling Is Here to Help

    We’ll help you sell your scrap and make sure you get a great price. We’re licensed and insured to make certain we’re giving you the best service anyone can offer. Reach out today and we’ll help you plan your next visit.

  10. people dropping off scrap metal to be sold

    How to Find Different Types of Scrap Metal

    Selling scrap metal to a local metal recycling company can be one of the most beneficial actions for your local environment and wallet.

    At Action Metals Recyclers, we are known for being Dallas’s highest-paying scrap metal recycling company. It’s no surprise that many community members and businesses come to us to hand off their unwanted metals. 

    If you want to make a little extra money this year and are ready to utilize our scrap metal facility for a profit, here are some ways to find the most common types of scrap metal our recycling facility accepts.

    What Are the Different Types of Scrap Metals Available?

    Scrap metal is a valuable resource that can be recycled and reused in various ways.

    From ferrous metals like iron and steel to non-ferrous materials like lead, brass, aluminum, zinc, and tin, you can use several types of metals for your financial benefit. 

    Even if you are still determining the type of metals you have or if we accept them, our reliable team is always available to help you sort, identify, and weigh your scrap metal collection.

    Where to Find Common Household Items Containing Metal

    One of the best places to start looking for scrap metal is around your house. After all, you don’t have to have a bunch of metals rusting in the driveway to call it valuable scrap.

    Common household items that contain valuable metal include refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and air conditioners. Each appliance contains some form of metal, aluminum, copper, or brass.

    Eventually, they’ll wear down and get replaced by a newer model. When that time comes for your appliances, a scrap metal facility like Action Metals can help you preserve your investment through our maximum payout on scrap.

    Aside from major appliances, other objects such as furniture frames and legs can also contain metal parts like steel or iron. 

    Smaller household items such as door knobs, hinges, and locks may also have some form of metal inside them that helps give them their shape or provides extra durability for prolonged use. 

    Knowing where to find common household items containing metal will help you properly identify which types of scrap metals you have for recycling when you choose to dispose of your waste responsibly through a metal recycling facility.

    Sourcing Commercial Metals

    Industrial and commercial metals are essential components for various industries, from automotive to construction. These metals can be found in several places and can prove quite lucrative when produced in bulk at a scrap metal recycling facility.

    Scrap yards are one of the most common sources of industrial and commercial metals; they provide a variety of materials, including steel beams and rods, copper wire and tubing, and aluminum cans and sheets. 

    Warehouses present another source for industrial-grade metals. These often contain excess material that is no longer needed by their owners but may still have some value in recycling or reuse. So, if you plan on hunting down commercial scrap, asking a local warehouse owner for their “trash” could create your “treasure!”

     Finally, landfills may contain valuable scraps, such as aluminum cans or iron pipes which can be recovered with the right equipment. 

    Safety Precautions When Handling or Collecting Scrap Metal

    Collecting scrap metal can be a great way to make money while also helping the environment by recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. 

    However, it is important to keep safety in mind when handling or collecting scrap metal, as these items may contain sharp edges and other hazardous components. It is essential to wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and long-sleeved shirts when dealing with any type of scrap metal to avoid potential injuries. 

    Finally, familiarize yourself with the local laws regarding collecting scrap metals so that you are aware of any regulations that must be followed when collecting scrap. The last thing you want on your hands is a trespassing violation. 

    We recommend that if you’re scrapping anything that can be considered private property, always ask the owners for permission before setting foot on the property.

    Ready to Start Scrapping? Action Metals Recyclers Always Accept Drop-Offs

    If you have a collection of scrap metal you’re ready to profit from, Action Metals Recyclers is always available for drop-offs. 

    We will help you sort, weigh, and accurately price your valuable metals. Our Dallas scrap metal recycling facility pays the maximum price for all metals we purchase. So, contact us today to schedule your next drop-off.

  11. Dallas Scrap Metal Recycling Center

    How to Choose the Right Scrap Metal Company

    Recycling scrap metal is an important part of helping to reduce waste and conserve resources. But it can be difficult to know which scrap metal company to choose when recycling your materials. 

    With so many options available in Dallas, it’s important to research and find a reliable and trustworthy provider that will give you the best price for your recycled metals. 

    Let’s get into some key factors to consider when selecting the best scrap metal company in Dallas for recycling services.

    Research Scrap Metal Facilities in Your Area

    So. you’ve gone through your scraps, started the sorting process, and know exactly what you want to sell. Unfortunately, not all scrap facilities have the capacity to accept all metals. 

    It’s critical that you research and ensure there is a scrap metal facility in your area that can purchase the scraps you have. 

    As an example, Action Metals Recyclers currently accepts the following scraps:


    • Steel 
    • Copper
    • Insulated Wire
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Radiators
    • Stainless Steel
    • Other Alloys 

    Check Their Reputation and Customer Reviews

    Before you choose a scrap metal recycling facility, it is essential to do your research and check reviews. 

    With so many facilities offering different services and prices, it can be difficult to know which one will provide the best value for your money. 

    Checking customer reviews can help you decide which facility will give you the best customer experience.  Reviews from past customers can give you insight into the quality of customer service, general recycling services the company offers, and its overall reputation in the community. 

    By reading reviews before making a decision, you are more likely to find a reliable recycling center that offers competitive rates and superior service.

    Ask for Proof of Certification 

    When looking for a scrap metal recycling facility, you must ensure that the company you choose is certified and licensed. This will ensure that they are operating within the regulations of your local laws. 

    It will also give you peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with a legitimate business that takes its responsibilities seriously. 

    Checking certifications and licenses can also help protect you from scams or illegal activities, such as theft or fraud. You should always ask for proof of certification and licensing before choosing a scrap metal recycling facility to be confident in where your precious metals end up.

    Compare Prices Offered Between Scrap Metal Companies

    Not every scrap metal company can pay maximum compensation for scraps. However, most who can’t won’t tell you the hard truth. If you want to ensure you gain the best prices for your scrap metal, you’ll have to perform your own research. 

    A quick search about the current value of specific metals can give you all the ammunition you need to bargain with scrap metal facilities on a particular day.

    At Action Metals Recyclers, we make price comparisons easy. We are always up-to-date on the latest precious metal prices and will offer you the highest value in Dallas for your scrap metal.

    Consider Any Additional Services Offered

    Not everyone with scrap metal on-hand has a large truck or roll-out bin to transport large amounts of metals to a facility easily. If you have a lot of scraps on your hands, you’ll want to find a location that offers additional services like pick-up, access to quality scales, and sorting.

    Essentially, the easier a facility makes for you to turn in metals and leave with a profit, the closer you are to finding the right scrap metal company for your business.

    Make The Smart Scrapping Choice With Action Metals Recyclers

    If you have lots of scrap metal lying around your property and are ready to make some treasure out of your trash, Action Metals Recyclers is here to help!

    Our Dallas scrap metal recycling facility is secure, open to the public, and pays the highest rates for the most common metals. 

    Contact us today to learn more about our services.

  12. recycle-scrap-metal-for-money

    5 Top Strategies for Making Money Recycling Scrap Metal

    The holidays are around the corner, and if you have mass amounts of scrap metal lying around your property, we say make the most of your steel and trade it in for maximum profits.

    If you’re new to the scrap metal recycling game, thinking of how to turn your old scrap into cash can be harrowing. Let’s take a look at five simple ways you can turn your trash into treasure.

    1. Look for Metal Recycling Facilities in Your Area

    If you’re looking for a reliable and environmentally-friendly way to recycle metal in Dallas, you can visit several recycling centers. Recycling metal is a great way to reduce the amount of waste produced yearly and helps conserve natural resources.

    At Action Metals Recyclers, we are one of Dallas’s leading scrap metal recycling facilities. We currently accept the following metals:

    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Insulated Wire
    • Steel
    • Stainless and Other Alloys
    • Radiators, and more!

      2. Separate Different Types of Scrap Metal Before Taking it to the Recycling Center

      Before you take any scrap metal to the recycling center, separating it into different types is important. This makes the recycling process much easier and helps ensure that all of the metal is recycled properly and you get the highest prices for your goods.

      There are several ways to separate different types of scrap metal. One way is to use a magnet. Non-magnetic materials, like aluminum, can be separated from magnetic materials, like steel, by using a magnet.

      3. Check the Prices of Various Metals Online Before Selling Them

      It can be difficult to determine the value of scrap metal, but there are a few ways to get an idea of how much your metal is worth. One way is to check prices online. You can find websites listing current prices for different types of scrap metal by doing a quick search.

      This can help you get a good idea of what your metal is worth and ensure you’re getting the best price possible.

      If you’re ever in doubt, it’s also easy to reach out to Action Metals Recyclers and obtain the most up-to-date prices on all precious metals.

      4. Find Creative Ways to Recycle Metal Objects Around Your Home or Office

      Many metal objects in the home or office can be recycled. These objects include pots and pans, appliances, tools, and more. By recycling these objects, you can help reduce the amount of waste produced each year and conserve natural resources.

      5. Know How to Weigh Your Scrap Metal

      Weighing scrap metal is an important process that helps recyclers determine the value of the metal. By knowing the weight of the metal, recyclers can ensure they are getting the best price for it. There are a few ways to weigh scrap metal, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

      One way to weigh scrap metal is to use a scale. This is a common method used by recyclers because it is accurate and easy to use. However, not all scales are created equal.

      Some scales are designed for larger objects, while others are designed for smaller objects. Make sure you use a scale that is appropriate for the size of your scrap metal.

      Make the Most of Your Scrap Metal Today with Action Metals Recyclers

      Whether you’re a business owner, ready to clear out your supply closet or an average person with excess pots and pans cluttering up your kitchen, Action Metals Recyclers is ready to help you clean up your space.

      Our recycling center in Dallas is completely secure and offers maximum payout for all metals we accept.

      Contact us today to learn more about our recycling process.

  13. Industrial Recycling Action Metals

    How to Streamline Scrap Metal Recycling for Your Manufacturing Plant

    Industrial recycling may be something your manufacturing plant has yet to think about prior to this point. However, this process is something that offers a number of benefits for the operation of your business, your company reputation, and your annual profits.

    This subcategory of recycling involves taking the waste that’s generated from the processes that go on at your plant and ensuring that it’s going to go on to be used for something else. This is a much more eco-friendlier option than throwing away your scrap.

    Here are some of the other benefits of recycling your scrap metal:

    Energy Conservation

    Recycling metal allows for the conservation of energy that would otherwise be used for more metal manufacturing needs. Different amounts of energy are used to process metals, but recycling something like steel can amount to 60 percent less energy than starting with raw materials, and aluminum saves an impressive 95 percent energy.

    Creating More Jobs

    When you opt to recycle your leftover metal material, you are employing one million or more workers in this field. There is a need for more employees than if you were having scrap incinerated and disposed of. We all know that the creation of domestic jobs is incredibly important right now.

    Earning Additional Money

    Many different scrap yards and recycling companies will accept metals such as brass, aluminum, iron, copper, and steel in exchange for a monetary payment. The amount you can make will vary from one Dallas metal recyclers company to another, and the current price for those metals. Typically, it’s common for non-ferrous metals to be worth a bit more money than ferrous metals.

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can streamline the process of recycling scrap metal for manufacturing plants.

    Collection of Your Scrap

    It helps if you have some sort of location on site where you will collect all of your scrap metal. This could be anything from a rented collection bin to some sort of container you’ve come up with on your own.

    This is where employees will know to drop scrap so it can then be sorted, picked up, etc. Not only will this help to streamline the process of scrap metal recycling, but it can also help keep your plant safer, cleaner, and more organized.

    Sorting Your Scrap

    The most common way to sort your scrap is to separate it into ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Examples of ferrous materials would be iron or steel. Non-ferrous items would be brass, aluminum, copper, or stainless steel.

    While you could allow another company to sort your scrap for you after receiving it, it can be faster to simply drop your material into different bins before pick up. This could also get you a discount of some sort, depending on where your scrap is going.

    Scheduling a Pickup Ahead

    Have your scrap picked up from your work site to eliminate the need for transporting it yourself.

    You can usually work with a company to schedule a periodic pickup day/time so that all of your material is removed regularly. You can change the pickup frequency as needed.

    Make Scrap Metal Recycling Easier Today with Action Metals Recyclers

    If you want more information on how to streamline scrap metal recycling for your manufacturing plant, contact us at Action Metals Recyclers.

    We can help you make the most out of your recycling efforts by way of environmental preservation, easy income from scrap sales, reduced industry prices on parts and so much more.