Art Made From Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Architecture: Unique Buildings Made From Recycled Materials

Metal is one of the most versatile and durable building materials, and architects around the world have come up with innovative ways to construct buildings out of recycled scraps and discarded metal objects. 


From small decorative sheds made from license plates to homes and public buildings constructed entirely from junkyard finds, scrap metal architecture provides sustainable and visually striking design. 


At Action Metals Recyclers, we love to see scrap metal like steel and copper get out to beneficial use. Many people know recycled metals go into construction, but legitimate scrap architecture is rarely highlighted. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest buildings made primarily from recycled metal. These creative structures showcase how discarded materials can be transformed into functional works of art.

License Plate Sheds and Studios

Some of the simplest scrap metal buildings are miniature backyard sheds constructed mainly from old license plates. 


Typically built on a basic metal frame, the plates are overlapped in rows and riveted or screwed into place to form the walls and roof. The reflective plates create a shine that changes with the light. Artists have used license plate sheds as quirky studios or just as decorative focal points in gardens.

Aluminum Can Houses

One of the most famous scrap metal homes is the Earthship House in New Mexico, which was built in the 1970s entirely from aluminum beer and soda cans. The cans were flattened and used like siding to construct the walls and roof of the structure. 


The house was surprisingly durable and energy efficient, taking advantage of aluminum’s strength and reflectivity. The iconic recycled can house demonstrated the versatility of discarded aluminum.

Scrap Metal Castles and Forts


Welding together various discarded metals can allow artists and builders to create fantasy structures straight out of fairytales. A great example is Robert Bruno’s Steel House in Ransom Canyon, Texas, which is a scrap metal castle crafted from junked steel, car parts, and other metal pieces. 


The metallic mansion features intricate detail work that includes multiple stained glass pieces that add to its beauty.

Scrap Metal Skyscraper Skin

Architects can also utilize recycled metals as eye-catching exterior cladding on tall buildings. 


Did you know that since as early as the mid-1990s, most American scrap metal made its way to China and other countries eager to build downtown infrastructures?


You may not realize it, but those forks and tools you dropped off at our Dallas recycling center likely made their way across the sea to build up unique city structures in areas like Shanghai.

Scrap Metal Wildlife Sculptures

In open green spaces, discarded metals can be crafted into monumental sculptures of animals and organisms. At Burnside Gorge Community Garden in Victoria, Canada, guests can find towering flower sculptures built from recycled brake discs and other metal car parts.


We love to see how artists showcase the potential for socio-environmental messaging through scrap metal art.


Another great example can be found in Wisconsin. Jurustic Park is an outdoor museum and sculpture garden that features prehistoric-themed sculptures made from cans, bicycle parts, tools, and more! 

Build Toward the Future with Action Metals Recyclers

The innovative buildings and artworks highlighted here reveal the wondrous possibilities of scrap metal architecture. Discarded materials offer sustainable, affordable, and visually dynamic design options. 


So when you see a piece of scrap metal, consider the potential for it to be reimagined as a castle, concert venue, or decorative sculpture. 


Make sure the next time you recycle an abundance of soda cans or household appliances, you make their value go further with Action Metals Recyclers.


Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll help yourself in the process. After all, we offer the highest prices for scraps in Dallas.

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