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How to Recycle Stainless Steel Scrap

Stainless steel is found in many household and business items, from kitchenware to industrial equipment. While durable, these items eventually wear out or become obsolete. Rather than throwing old stainless steel in the trash, recycling it can provide extra income. With proper preparation, your stainless steel scraps can fetch top dollar at metal recycling facilities like our convenient location in Dallas, Texas.


At Action Metals Recyclers, we pride ourselves on helping our customers make the most of their scraps! If you have some steel you need to unload, here’s a look at how you can get the most cash for your recycling efforts.

What Stainless Steel Items Are Best to Recycle?

Not all stainless steel is created equal when it comes to recycling profitability. Here are some of the most valuable stainless steel items to save for recycling:

Recycle Kitchenware

Pots, pans, utensils, and appliances made of stainless steel are common. While you may be tempted to donate used cookware, you’ll earn more by recycling it. 

Recycle Industrial Equipment

Scrap metal from tanks, valves, pipes, and tools used in manufacturing yields higher profits than consumer items. Machining shops and factories generate lots of profitable stainless steel debris.

Recycle Automotive Parts

Stainless steel is used for many auto parts like exhaust components and trim pieces. These items bring decent scrap prices.  

Recycle Medical Instruments

Surgical tools, knee/hip implants, and other medical items contain recyclable stainless steel. Hospitals and clinics deal with substantial amounts of these materials that are perfect for recycling over collecting dust in hospital storage.

Recycle Construction Materials

Scrap metal buyers prize stainless steel mesh, beams, siding, and hardware. Construction and demolition sites are the go-to sources for these precious scrap metals.


Save any stainless steel items that are worn out, obsolete, or no longer needed. The key is properly preparing them for recycling, which we’ll cover next.

How to Prep Stainless Steel Scrap for Maximum Value 

To earn top dollar for your steel scrap, it must be cleaned and securely bundled or containerized. Here are some tips that can help you walk away from our facility with a full wallet.


Remove any non-metal parts from the steel. Plastics, rubber gaskets, coatings/paints, and bonded metals decrease the value of stainless steel scrap. Take the time to separate any non-metal pieces.


Aside from removing non-metal parts, you must ensure your metals are clean! All grease, oil, food residues, dirt, and grime should be removed from the metal. Solvents or degreasers can assist with cleaning. The cleaner your scraps are, the easier they are to sort, and the more accurate our rates can be when you sell to us.


Bundle your metals securely. It’s an extra prep step, but a couple of straps or wire ties to keep scrap pieces bundled together keep loose scraps from becoming a hassle and safety issue.


Proper prep takes some time upfront but maximizes your profits. Before you bring your scraps to us, feel free to call us and find out more about our specific preparation recommendations for the scraps you have. We’re always here to guide getting your stainless steel scrap recycling ready.  

Why Choose Action Metals Recyclers for Steel Recycling?

With 30 years of experience and centrally located in Dallas, TX, Action Metals Recyclers is an ideal solution for stainless steel scrap recycling. 


We offer the most competitive stainless steel scrap prices in Dallas. When you hand over your stainless steel scraps to us, you’ll earn maximum value for your recycled materials.


Our full-service recycling facility handles all types of metal, making stainless steel recycling fast and easy. You can bring all your scrap metal to one place.


We are the recycling experts and pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to create a smooth, efficient recycling experience. 


With a location in central Dallas off I-45 at Botham Jean Blvd., Action Metals is easy to access for businesses and homeowners in the city.


Call or visit our Dallas recycling center today to make the absolute most of your recycling efforts.

Why Recycle Your Stainless Steel?

Beyond extra income, recycling stainless steel scrap provides environmental benefits.

Recycling helps save the planet! Recycling reduces the need for mining nickel, chromium, and iron to make new stainless steel. Remelting recycled steel consumes substantially less energy than producing virgin steel.

Recycling stainless steel significantly lowers CO2 emissions from steel manufacturing while keeping bulky, non-biodegradable metal scraps out of landfills. 

Make Fast Cash Off Steel Scraps Today

By taking a few easy steps to prep and recycle your stainless steel items, you can earn extra money while keeping scrap metal out of landfills. 

Your efforts support your community, the environment, and your finances. Contact Action Metals Recyclers today to learn more about our scrap metal recycling services. What stainless steel scrap items do you have that are ready for recycling?