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    The New Technologies Changing the Scrap Metal Industry

    Scrap metal collection and sales have been around for decades, but advancements in technology are changing the way the industry operates. From new ways of collecting scrap metal to innovative selling methods, these technologies are revolutionizing the scrap metal industry. Read on for some of the innovations changing how we collect and sell scrap metal.

    Onsite Waste Measures

    “Smart” bins and containers for collecting scrap metal are equipped with sensors that can detect when they are full and need to be emptied. This means more efficient and timely collection, reducing costs and hassle and increasing profits. 

    On construction sites, smart collection of scrap can take the form of new recycling and reclamation training for workers, automatic segregation or recycling of waste, and even onsite recycling. An onsite recycling center could crush concrete and brick waste to use as backfill or aggregate or shred wood waste to create mulch or biomass fuel.

    Mobile Scrap Metal Processing

    Mobile scrap processing is another innovation changing how scrap metal is collected and sold. Mobile processors can be brought directly to the site where the scrap metal is located, allowing for quicker processing and more efficient collection. This technology is particularly useful for remote areas where it might be hard to transport scrap metal to a processing facility.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence is being used to optimize the scrap metal collection and sales process. By analyzing data on past sales, AI can help scrap metal dealers determine the best time to sell their materials and at what price and identify trends in the market, allowing for more strategic decision-making. Logistics headaches are a major focus of the newest in AI tech, as the most efficient ways of collecting and dealing with scrap are revealed.

    The Blockchain

    Blockchain technology is increasingly used in the scrap metal industry to provide a secure and transparent method of tracking the supply chain. What does this mean? In a nutshell, it’s just creating a digital ledger that records every transaction, all the way from the collection of scrap metal through to its sale. This means it helps prevent fraud and ensures all parties involved throughout the process are paid fairly.

    3D Printing

    3D printing can create new products from scrap metal. Melting down and reusing scrap metal with 3D printers means creating new parts and products that can then be sold for greater profit. This is particularly useful for creating custom parts that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

    Grow Your Business with Action Metals

    There you have it: some of the new technologies that are changing the way we collect and sell scrap metal. From smart bins and mobile processors to AI and blockchain, these innovations are making the industry as a whole more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. Plus, as demand for scrap metal continues to grow, we can expect even more advancements in years to come. Even things we can’t yet imagine!

    The team at Action Metals is always finding ways to improve our facility and processes to better serve our customers and community. Trust us to help you with onsite cleanup, metals identification, scrap pickup services, and accurate weight assessments. Contact us today!


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    Should You Recycle Your Old Car Batteries?

    Your car battery reliably charges your car up and gets you where you need to go. 

    However, an unfortunate truth about car batteries is that they eventually run out of juice, leaving you with a hunk of metal and chemicals rotting on your property.

    So, is car battery recycling at a scrap metal facility your best option? Read on to learn all of the benefits of working with Action Metals when your battery dies. 

    Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Battery Waste Away

    We know it can be tempting to place a dead battery on a shelf or in the corner of your garage, where you’ll quickly forget about it. 

    Old car batteries left to gather dust can be dangerous the longer you leave them sitting on your property. Car batteries contain sulfuric acid, a highly corrosive chemical that can burn your skin and cause environmental damage as the battery’s body weakens and sulfuric acid leaks into your property’s soil.

    Recycling Your Batteries is Always the Best Option

    You should never throw an old car battery in the trash. Trashing old batteries is a direct route to a landfill, where toxins will surely spread into the surrounding soil, groundwater, and environment.

    If you want to keep the environment clean and preserve limited resources, recycling your old car batteries is the best action to take. Recycling helps reduce the amount of hazardous waste in landfills, conserves energy, and ensures valuable metals are placed back into circulation after recycling.

    Save on landfill costs and keep your community cleaner. Recycle today!

    Where Can You Recycle Car Batteries?

    You can recycle old car batteries at auto parts stores, junk yards, and scrap metal facilities 

    Many large retail stores such as Walmart or Home Depot also offer battery recycling services. 

    Additionally, some local governments offer curbside pickup of car batteries that can be recycled. The main thing is to ensure the battery is secured in a plastic container to prevent any leakage of hazardous materials while you wait for your recycling date.

    Preparing Your Battery for Recycling

    It’s also important to note that when disposing or recycling your car battery, you must take precautionary measures, as the chemicals within batteries can cause serious health risks if handled improperly. 

    This includes wearing protective equipment such as safety glasses and gloves and ensuring no contact with skin or eyes when handling the battery. It’s also recommended to neutralize the acid by filling the cells with baking soda before disposing of it appropriately.

    Suppose this is something you aren’t comfortable with. In that case, Action Metals is always available to schedule a pick-up from your property, where we will prep and remove batteries from your property without any issues.

    How Much Money Can You Get for Old Car Batteries?

    Battery prices fluctuate with the market’s supply and demand for metals. However, at the time of this article, the current rate for batteries is $0.22 per pound.

    Most car batteries weigh between 25 and 50 pounds, so you can get between $5 and $10 for your battery at a reputable scrap metal recycling center.

    At Action Metals Recyclers, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices on scrap metal in Dallas. So, when you recycle with us, you can guarantee you’ll receive top dollar for your unwanted car or truck batteries.

    Start Recycling Today, With Action Metals Recyclers

    Whether you’re recycling a used car battery or have a large collection of aluminum cans you want to cash in on, Action Metals Recyclers is ready to put some cash in your pocket. 

    We are Dallas’s leading scrap metal recycling company and have the equipment and experience to ensure a quality customer experience.

    Contact us today to schedule a pick-up or drop-off.