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    Top 5 Tools Every Scrapper Needs

    Scrap metal recycling can be a lucrative project that earns considerable money, yet it can also involve substantial work. You should have several essential tools to perform the job correctly and economically to deliver a quality product to scrap metal recyclers in Dallas.

    You probably already know the essentials of how to begin collecting scrap metal and use basic household tools like a screwdriver, power drill, hammer, crowbar, and wrench.

    However, the best scrappers have the right equipment that improves profits, saves time, and allows you to work responsibly with metals. Here are the top five tools scrappers should have.

    1. Magnet

    A magnet is arguably the number one tool in your arsenal. They don’t have to be expensive, but magnets are essential tools for every scrapper as they help you identify and separate non-ferrous from ferrous metals.

    Even a tiny refrigerator magnet will work. Magnets will still to ferrous metals containing iron, often a steel alloy, but not those without iron. Metals containing iron are also cheaper, so many scrappers prefer to find non-ferrous metals for recycling in Dallas. If the magnet doesn’t stick, you probably have aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, or even precious metals, which will bring you more money.

    2. Metal File

    A metal file is another must-have tool as you can scratch off coatings or rust to help determine what type of metal you have. Plastic, chrome, and non-ferrous metals like copper commonly cover other metals to protect them, along with paint and rubber. Using a metal file is a simple way to scratch through surfaces to determine the type of metal below.

    3. Wire Stripper and Cable Cutters

    Serious scrappers cut a lot of wire and cable, so it makes sense to have these tools on hand. When you strip insulation from copper wire, scrap metal recyclers in Dallas will give you more money.

    A wire stripper is more time-efficient than using a razor and pliers. If you strip less than 100 pounds of wire per month, a handheld wire stripper is sufficient, but invest in a tabletop machine for larger amounts.

    4. Cordless Reciprocating Saw

    Large pieces of metal can be challenging to deal with when you’re scrapping, while at other times, you may need to cut some pieces to get to valuable parts and components. A cordless reciprocating saw will easily cut through metal and give your ultimate portability.

    You can also use the saw as a timing tool to remove imperfections that can reduce the value of your scrap.

    5. Hand Trolley

    Moving scrap metal is hard work as many pieces are heavy, so an upright hand trolley is essential for hauling scrap metal to your vehicle. Additional items like buckets or similar containers, along with ratchet straps to help secure the load, will also make the job easier.

    Bring Your Scrap Metal to Action Metals Recyclers

    Action Metals Recyclers provides top dollar for all types of metal recycling in Dallas. Our professionals can help you sort your metals and ensure you receive maximum payment for your hard work.

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  2. How is Scrap Metal Recycling Good for Your Business?

    Any business from a construction company to a local restaurant is likely to create scrap metal. When this happens, one of three things typically occurs:

    1. Your employees wrongfully discard scrap metal in the garbage
    2. Your employees utilize a recycling bin you’ve placed at the office 
    3. Scrap metal sits around on your property, rusting away and going to waste

    Aside from standard recycling, the other two disposal options are harmful for the environment and do your business no favors.

    Let’s look into why your brand should focus on scrapping its metals as a way to benefit your business.

    Why is Scrapping Metal Good for Your Business?

    Your business likely accumulates metal from aluminum products, discarded wiring and cables, or even old equipment you’ve replaced and kept. We say, why keep it around when you could be doing something with it that helps your business’s reputation and financial standing.

    Scrapping is an Easy Way to Add to Your Bottom Line

    Although scrap metal prices constantly fluctuate based on supply and demand, scrapping is a great way for your business to make extra money with little effort.

    As a business, it’s possible that your location has large amounts of scrap that you can put to work towards your bottom line. Remember, though, in order to gain maximum profits from your scraps, they must be prepped and sorted.

    Each metal you bring to a scrapping center is weighed and paid out by the type. Mixing scraps leads to mixed weight results and equates to substantially less pay.

    Improve Your Reputation Within the Community

    Everyone loves a business that “goes green” whenever possible. Leaving scrap metals to waste away on your property or in a landfill only promotes the spread of e-waste and the contamination of local resources.

    Recycling your scrap metal gives you the opportunity to spread the word about reducing your brand’s environmental footprint. This can help give your reputation a boost and make your location a prime target for shoppers that support environmentally-aware businesses.

    Overall Economic Benefits

    If you really want to give your industry a boost that goes beyond environmental help, recycle scrap metal and improve the local economy. 

    Reuse is one of the key purposes of recycling. Therefore, when you contribute scrap metal to the cause, you are helping to:

    • Create more jobs in the recycling industry
    • Reduce costs for manufacturing products from recycled materials
    • Make metal-based products more affordable for consumers

    Doing your part to add these economic benefits to your industry and local communities, in turn, helps your business! When there is more money to go around, spending increases, and your recycling action could gain you more customers in the long run.

    Schedule Your Next Scrap Drop-Off With Action Metals Recyclers

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    When you recycle your scrap metal, you prove that your business doesn’t cut corners; which is why we are happy to offer you the highest scrap metal prices in Dallas.

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