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  1. Truck In Metal Scrap Yard In Dallas, Texas

    What’s The Difference Between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal?

    At Action Metals Recyclers has been in business since 1994. Our extensive experience with recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals has made our process move like clockwork.

    However, for those who are on the hunt for scrap metals to sell to a recycling facility, the difference between the two types of metals may not be as obvious to you as it is to us.

    Let’s take a closer look at what these different types of metals are and the different qualities that make one type stand apart from the other.

    What Are Ferrous Metals?

    Ferrous metals are primarily composed of iron. The word ‘ferrous’ comes from the Latin word ‘ferrum’ meaning iron. Some of the most common items that are made from ferrous metals are:

    • Ductwork
    • Rebar
    • Pallet racking
    • Household appliances (refrigerators, water heaters, washers/dryers)
    • Car motors, and more!

    These metals make up a massive portion of the scrap metals recycled at our Dallas facility. Every year, more than 500 million tons of ferrous metals are recycled and repurposed for consumer use.

    What Are Non-Ferrous Metals?

    Non-ferrous metals do not contain any appreciable amounts of iron. Some of the most common non-ferrous metals that we accept at Action Metals Recyclers are:

    What’s the Difference Between the Two Metals?

    On the surface, all of these metals may seem like equal scraps, but upon closer inspection from a professional metal recycling company, the differences between ferrous and non-ferrous metals are actually quite vast.


    One of the biggest differences between ferrous and non-ferrous metals is their magnetic capabilities. Magnets will stick to ferrous metals like household appliances or pieces of iron scraps.

    Non-ferrous metals like aluminum, brass, copper & lead do not create any magnetism.


    Ferrous metals contain iron and non-ferrous metals do not. This means that in most instances, ferrous metals oxidate and will eventually rust over time.

    Get Paid for Your Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Today, With Action Metals Recyclers

    Whether you have ferrous or non-ferrous metals in your possession, Action Metals Recyclers is ready to buy your collection off of you! Our Dallas scrap metal recycling facility offers the highest prices in the city and guarantees a safe customer experience with every transaction.

    Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your next pickup or drop-off at our recycling facility.

  2. Successful Scrap Metal Collection Tips

    Top 4 Tips for Successful Scrap Metal Collection

    Collecting scrap metal is one of the most interesting ways a person can make a little extra money on the side. However, scrap metal collecting is so much more than just picking up scraps found on the side of the road.

    If you are a community member interested in collecting ferrous scrap metal make sure the work is worth your effort. 

    Follow these top tips for scrap metal collection practices that pay off.

    Know Metals and Grading

    Understanding the different types of metals that a recycling company accepts for cash is the first step towards making the most of recycling scrap metal.

    At Action Metals Recyclers, we make understanding profitable metals easy! Our facility accepts all major ferrous and non-ferrous metals that include:

    • Steel
    • Copper
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Insulated Wires
    • Stainless Steel, and more!

    It’s recommended that you understand the specific grading that comes with a scrap metal sale. However, grading your metal’s alloy composition and state of wear can be tedious. A good recycling specialist can quickly help you determine an accurate grade for your materials and give you the maximum price for your scraps!

    Stay on Top of the Prices of Metals

    Knowing when to sell is the name of the game! As with all markets, the prices that different metals sell fluctuate with supply and demand.

    Using a site like Daily Metal Price or just reaching out to Action Metals can give you the best determination of when to sell your scraps at the right price.

    Know Where to Find Specific Types of Metals

    The biggest obstacle to beat when hunting down scrap metal is wasting time on fruitless searches. Knowing where to legally acquire scraps is essential.

    So, start simple. Drive around your surrounding neighborhoods and look for unwanted auto parts or appliances that are left on the curb. In Texas, if it’s on the curb, it’s fair game for people passing by.

    Aside from curbside pickups, office buildings and demolition sites are excellent places to find scrap metals. Keep in mind that in order to avoid trespassing, always ask to speak to a location manager to ensure that they are aware of your desire to take their unwanted scrap metal off of their hands.

    Scrap Prepared for Safety

    Finally, what’s the point of enjoying the money you earn from scrap metal recycling if it’s used to cover medical bills you rack up during the hunt?

    Picking metals from curbsides and demolition sites can result in injuries if you’re not safe.

    So, before you go out on your first hunt, invest in some of these essential safety items:

    • A reflective vest
    • Safety glasses
    • Gloves
    • A basic first aid kit to keep in your vehicle.

    Turn a Profit on Your Scrap Metal Collection at Action Metals Recyclers

    If you’ve been collecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals, don’t hold onto your scraps for a rainy day. Sell your metals now and ensure that you get the highest price possible for your efforts.

    At Action Metals Recyclers, we are proud to offer the highest prices for scrap metal recycling in Dallas for all types of metals to our customers. We will come to you for pickup or you can visit our secure recycling facility for an easy drop-off.

    Either way, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can turn your scrap collection into a financial gain.