recycle brake rotors

Can You Recycle Brake Rotors?

The short answer is, yes! Brake rotors are an excellent source of scrap metal that can be recycled for cash at our Dallas recycling center


Made primarily of iron, brake rotors also contain small amounts of other metals like copper, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. By properly prepping your old brake rotors for recycling, you can get the best price for your metal scrap. 


Let’s take some time to walk you through the prep process step-by-step and ensure you get the most bang for your brake rotors.

Assess the Rotors

Before you schedule a drop-off or pickup with us, start by examining your brake rotors to determine their condition. 


Look for excessive rust, warped surfaces, or cracks that would lower their scrap value. This process should involve some minor cleaning, like scraping off any built-up grease, oil, or grime with a putty knife. 


Avoid using harsh chemicals that could contaminate the metal. You want to get it to us in the purest, best condition possible.


Finally, wipe your rotors clean with a rag and get ready for the next step. 

Remove Attachments  

Much like recycling radiators or other metal car parts, you want to get rid of any attachments that won’t fairly contribute to your final scrap weight and payout.


Detach any backing plates, caliper brackets, or other non-metal pieces attached to the rotors using the appropriate tools. These items are typically made of non-ferrous metals or plastic and have little to no scrap value. 


Set them aside for separate recycling. You want the purest iron rotors possible to maximize your payout. 

Cut Down Large Rotors

If the brake rotors are very large, consider cutting them down for easier transport. Use a metal cutting blade on an angle grinder or chop saw to slice the rotors into smaller sections. Wear safety glasses and work gloves when cutting. Try to make straight cuts across the rotor surface to create flat even pieces. Cut pieces should weigh no more than 50 pounds for manageability.


However, if cutting your ferrous scraps isn’t in the cards, our team can come to you and provide safe and simple transport to our scrap metal recycling facility.

Gather All of Your Materials

Don’t stop at your rotors for your big payday! Collect any other scrap metal pieces you wish to sell to make one trip. This could include scrap computer cases, metal signage, old dumbbell weights, unused aluminum extrusions, or other metal objects. 


Avoid mixing different metal types to ensure fair payment. For example, keep aluminum pieces separate from steel and iron. Clean all items to remove grime, plastic, or rubber pieces. Anything attached decreases the scrap value. 

Transport Your Rotors for Drop-Off


If you want to drop off your rotors, we’re open seven days a week and ready to help. With an appointment confirmed, safely load your sorted scrap piles into your vehicle for drop-off. 


Transport large pieces securely strapped down. Use sturdy containers for smaller items. Clearly label each container by metal type if bringing mixed loads. Drive carefully as metal scraps can shift in transit.  


Upon arrival, our team will guide you to our scale to get a total scrap weight. We’ll then inspect your loads and assess current market rates. Never fear; whatever the market rate is, we’ll pay it. We offer the highest prices in Dallas and ensure all of our customers walk away satisfied.

Recycle Brake Rotors in Dallas, TX with Action Metals Recyclers

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