Can you recycle bullets and casings?

Can You Recycle Bullets and Casings?

Texas is a state that is chock full of hunting and gun enthusiasts. While the love for firearms is strong in the Lonestar State, most people don’t really want used casings or unusable ammunition just lying around their property.

Disposing of these items is dangerous because they are deemed explosives, and even in the right situation, a used casing can start a spark that leads to an environmental disaster.

Rather than risking it and letting your casings and bullets waste away in a landfill or buried under the soil where lead can seep into the environment, we say consider recycling these items.

Let’s get into how to approach safe disposal and recycling practices for ammunition and casings.

Are Your Unused Bullets Recyclable?

The answer to this is a complicated yes and no. The reason is, that unused ammunition isn’t items scrap metal recyclers accept because they are live explosives.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with unusable and unwanted bullets. There are several ways you can “recycle” these products without polluting the environment.

  • Local police stations will typically accept small amounts of unused bullets. However, if you have a large collection, they may not be able to collect all of your ammunition off of your hands.
  • Reach out to gun ranges in your area and find out if they accept unused ammunition. Some ranges may be willing to take in your unused ammunition for use at their location
  • If all other recycling efforts fail, it’s possible to use the Earth911 recycling locator to find out the next hazardous waste collection event in your area. From there, you can hold onto your ammunition until the event date.

Your Casings Are Recyclable!

Current brass prices payout at around $1.76 per pound, making this material a very lucrative scrap if a person has a large amount of it. So, if a person has a large collection of casings, it’s in their best interest to unload them at a local brass metal recycling facility where they can make cash off of their casings and other scrap metals.

Tips for Casing Preparation

Although casings are recyclable products, it’s still recommended that you prepare them for recycling. Not only does preparation lead to a safer recycling process, but it also helps ensure the best price for your scrap metals.

  • Wash and dry all of your casings in order to prevent any leftover powder from sparking and starting a fire
  • Separate your shotgun shells, brass, and steel. Each of these scraps has a different makeup that could taint the overall price of your scrap sale if they are weighed and paid for at the same time.

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