Scrap Metal Recycling Myths

5 Scrap Metal Recycling Myths: Busted!

Scrap metal recycling is a process that comes with several economic and environmental benefits. One would think that anyone with pieces of ferrous or non-ferrous scrap lying around their property would jump at the opportunity to sell their scraps at the best price for a great cause.

However, there are several myths surrounding our industry that either keep people away or leave them feeling disappointed with the process, only to never attempt to recycle scraps again.

At Action Metals Recyclers, we believe in total transparency when it comes to our recycling services. Let’s clear the air on some of these myths that could be keeping you from making a profit on your scrap metal collection.

Myth 1: Recycling Metal Isn’t Economical

Recycling scrap metals is a much more cost-effective process than using valuable resources to collect and process virgin metals. Not only does recycling metal save money when creating metal-based products, but it also prevents the financial waste of metal scraps left to rot away on a person’s property and in public landfills.

Myth 2: Bigger Scrap Pieces Sell for Bigger Prices

As we mentioned before, some people believe myths like this one and walk away discouraged after they don’t come away with a big sale from a large piece of scrap. While you may have a valuable piece of large steel, it still needs to be broken down into smaller pieces in order to guarantee safer shredding.

If a recycling facility has to prep your metals for you, the chances are that you will get a reduced price on an oversized piece of scrap metal. In order to ensure that you get your money’s worth, reach out to your local metal recycling facility and find out the size limitations of their shredders.

If your scrap metal pieces are too large, you may be better off prepping the metals yourself and selling your scraps for their true value at a recycling facility.

Myth 3: Landfills Can Just Take My Scraps

Many people believe that landfills are in place to let any “garbage” slowly decompose. While metals are a common item found in landfills, when they are left to waste, means they are unable to be recycled and end up contributing to the depletion of resources and the spread of greenhouse gas emissions that stem from mining.

Also, many electronics that contain metals are left in landfills where they spread toxins like lead and mercury into the environment’s surrounding water and soil.

Therefore, while a landfill can technically take your scraps, the most environmentally-friendly way to dispose of them is through a certified recycling facility.

Myth 4: Scrap Metal Isn’t in Demand

Many industries these days are focused on reducing their environmental footprint on society. Therefore, when the need for valuable metals arises, many industries turn to metals created from scrap metals at recycling centers.

So, that scrap on your property is definitely in demand and could help create immediate growth opportunities within your community.

Myth 5: Scrap Metal Recycling is Dangerous

When people think of scrap metal recycling, large, dangerous pieces of machinery quickly come to mind. Yes, the powerful equipment at a recycling facility can lead to injuries with the improper operation.

However, recycling facilities must follow OSHA guidelines that ensure all customers and employees are as safe as possible while on-site.

At Action Metals we pride ourselves on being an organized and safe recycling facility in every way possible. From physical security protection for customers to qualified team members safely carrying out recycling operations, we guarantee a safe environment for anyone who relies on us to collect their ferrous and non-ferrous scraps.

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