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aluminum recycling
Metal Recycling

Going Beyond Cans With Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum is one of the most commonly recycled materials, with aluminum cans being the most popular item that people recycle. However, many other aluminum products are also fully recyclable. Recycling aluminum saves energy and natural resources while reducing landfill waste.    If you think you have more than just cans available for aluminum recycling, let’s

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Art Made From Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Architecture: Unique Buildings Made From Recycled Materials

Metal is one of the most versatile and durable building materials, and architects around the world have come up with innovative ways to construct buildings out of recycled scraps and discarded metal objects.    From small decorative sheds made from license plates to homes and public buildings constructed entirely from junkyard finds, scrap metal architecture

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Ferrous Steel Scrap Metal
Ferrous Metal

Innovative Uses for Ferrous Steel Scrap Metal in Modern Construction

Sustainability and environmental preservation is a topic that is on a lot of industrial minds at the moment. From gas production companies switching to greener practices to people installing solar panels that use less energy when the weather heats up, there’s no getting around the importance of this movement.   Sustainability isn’t just found in

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ai recycling
Scrap Metal

Exploring the Future of Scrap Metal Recycling

With the rise of AI across several industries, we’ve begun to look toward the future of scrap metal recycling and how our industry could change over the years.   Scrap metal recycling has been an economic and environmental staple for decades. As the world changes and the demand for more recycled materials rises, our industry

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